Fun in Tahoe without Skiing or Snowboarding!

With Ski Week beginning, Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to be. While Tahoe has incredible terrain for skiing and snowboarding, that’s not all there is to do. Here, we’ve compiled a list of off-beat attractions to enjoy when you’re ready for some time off the slopes. Just figure out if you...

Squaw Valley Skating

...want to get some exercise while enjoying a majestic view:

Go ice skating at Squaw’s Olympic Ice Pavilion! This skating rink is truly unique because it’s at the top of Squaw’s upper mountain. From 8,200 feet above sea level, you have incredible views of both Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. to adventure, but don’t want to be cold while doing so:

Squaw Rock Climbing

North Tahoe Adventures has two locations--one inside the tram building at Squaw and one in Tahoe City. If the rest of your crew is skiing at Squaw, head to the tram building to take advantage of their climbing walls. If you’re up for a short drive, head to their location in Tahoe City for ziplines and obstacle courses.

...would rather watch and take pictures:

The USASA (United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association) Tahoe Series Competition is taking place February 20 and 21st at Sierra-at-Tahoe. On Saturday, watch as skiers barrel down the mountain on slalom and giant slalom courses. On Sunday, check out halfpipe competition!

...have a Jack London vibe:

Lake Tahoe Dog Sled Adventures

Wilderness Adventures Dog Sled Tours lets you enjoy the thrill of flying along through the snow without any of the exertion of skiing or snowboarding--plus, you’re being pulled by a team of really cute huskies. Enjoy snowy vistas while dashing through the Sierra Nevadas.

...want a Scooby Doo-esque workout:

Hellman-Ehrman Mansion Moonlight Snowshoe Tour

Explore the area around the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion while on a moonlight snowshoe tour. Held on the evening of February 20, this tour is lit by a full moon! Beginners are welcome, and the introductory clinic begins at 6:30.

...prefer the lake to the mountain. Or prefer beer:

Hop (hah!) on the Pints & Paddles Cruise with Ike and Martin. Relax aboard the M.S. Dixie II, a remodeled paddleboat, and spend happy hour on Lake Tahoe. Ike and Martin play acoustic music for the whole family; plus, kids under 11 are free!

...and the smarty-pants of the group:

Learn about the physics of snow with Dr. Benny Bach at the UC Davis Tahoe Science Center on the evening of February 18. Dr. Bach will cover a wide array of information that you can later use to impress your friends: “snow formation, symmetry of snow crystals, why snow is white, different types of snow.”