Introducing rentLEVER

At rentLEVER, we’ve been on both sides of the rental experience; while we loved the trips we’ve taken and the people we’ve met, we kept running into challenges. Founders Scott and Stephen sought to create a company that would use technology to streamline the rental process and eliminate headaches on both ends, making things smoother for homeowners and visitors alike.

rentLEVER Team

For years, Scott spent many winter weekends in Lake Tahoe, where he tried out every rental option--from AirBnB to local management companies to word of mouth. Each time, something came up: there was no key in the lockbox, the house was double-booked, or the home hadn’t been cleaned.

Stephen was on the other end of the equation: he and his wife owned a second home in Hawaii and regularly rented it out. He has a background in technology and is a problem-solver by trade, so he was determined to find an efficient way to coordinate reservations. No matter what Stephen tried, managing this home took ten to twenty hours a week; plus, if any problems arose, he was a six-hour flight and a three-hour time difference away.

Together, we began working on a tool that would pair existing technology with reliable on-the-ground service. We imagined a platform that would allow homeowners to get more reservations, and also get the best price each night. We wanted to create a tool that didn’t just generate more bookings, but also took care of managing and maintaining homes. After years of working on it, we think we've succeeded.

Winter in Tahoe

We have four goals for this tool:

(1) Maximize revenue--we use a dynamic pricing algorithm to determine the best price each night and optimize occupancy.
(2) Minimize risk--we take care of every home as though it’s our own.
(3) Give 100% accountability--homeowners are paid by ACH transfer within three days of guests leaving.
(4) Offer hassle-free management--our high-touch service ensures is seamlessly handled on the ground.

How do we achieve this?

  • We’ve created one platform for all reservations. From one calendar and one inbox, homeowners can manage listings across our network of sites. Our calendar overlay ensures that no property is ever overbooked.
  • We use a wide pool of data to help determine the optimal price throughout the year.
  • We have hands-on property management for each home. They take care of: sending email to guests with all information and rules before they arrive; vetting and setting up cleaning services after every reservation; ensuring that every property remains pristine; and working with the area’s best contractors in case anything needs to be repaired or maintained.
  • We’re motivated to continually improve our tools, because we invest in every house we list. We absorb all marketing fees upfront, have professional photos taken, and write original content for each home.

Right now, we’re focused on Lake Tahoe, because we’re nearby and we know it well. We’re constantly testing and improving our tools. Once we get comfortable in Tahoe, we’ll be expanding into new areas, too.

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